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Black Clover Plot: Asta and Yuno are orphans who were raised together from birth after being abandoned at a church orphanage on the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom at the same time. In a world where everyone has the natural ability to perform a kind of magic, or a Magical Power , Asta is the only person born without any, leading him to train physically as compensation. Conversely, Yuno was born as a prodigy with immense magical power and the talent to control it.

When they are 15, Asta and Yuno are granted the ability to become wizards known as Magic Knights by receiving grimoires, with which all magical power is channeled. Yuno is granted a wind-based grimoire held by the kingdom's first Wizard King, while Asta does not receive one. However, when a thief incapacitates Yuno to try to sell his grimoire on the black market, Asta summons his own grimoire, which contains the rare and mysterious Anti-Magic (enabling him to cancel out all magical effects), to defeat him. The story then follows the two boys in their time within separate squads in the Magic Knights, as they build a friendly rivalry to try to become the Wizard King themselves.

Episode 83
Burn It into You
Episode 82
Petit Clover! The Nightmarish Charmy SP!
Episode 81
The Life of a Certain Man
Episode 80
Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother
Episode 79
Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Runt
Episode 78
Episode 77
Bad Blood
Episode 76
Mage X
Episode 75
Fierce Battle
Episode 74
Flower of Resolution
Episode 73
The Royal Knights Selection Test
Episode 72
Saint Elmo's Fire
Episode 71
The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness
Episode 70
Two New Stars
Episode 69
The Briar Maiden's Melancholy
Episode 68
Battle to the Death?! Yami VS Jack
Episode 67
A Fun Festival Double Date
Episode 66
The Eye of the Midnight Sun's Secret
Episode 65
I'm Home
Episode 64
The Red Thread of Fate
Episode 63
Not in the Slightest
Episode 62
Those Who Boost Each Other Up
Episode 61
The Promised World
Episode 60
Defectors' Atonement
Episode 59
Flames of Hatred
Episode 58
The Battlefield Decision
Episode 57
Episode 56
The Man Named Fanzell Continued
Episode 55
The Man Named Fanzell
Episode 54
Never Again
Episode 53
Behind the Mask
Episode 52
Whoever's Strongest Wins
Episode 51
Proof of Rightness
Episode 50
End of the Battle, End of Despair
Episode 49
Beyond Limits
Episode 48
Despair vs. Hope
Episode 47
The Only Weapon
Episode 46
Episode 45
The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to Quit
Episode 44
The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild Lightning

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